Linear Fluorescent Tubes

Linear Fluorescent Tubes

Linear fluorescent tubes are available in a variety of wattages and lengths and colours for use in ceiling fittings and under cabinets.

  • T5 Linear Fluorescent Tube

    T5 Linear Fluorescent Tubes are slim line fittings for under cabinets and are available in


    Cool White/White/Warm White


    4w, 6w, 8w, 13w, 21w, 24w


    T5 are generally standard lengths according to the wattage.  However, on some the length may be the same for more than one wattage.



  • T4 Linear Fluorescent Tube

    T4 Linear Fluorescent Tubes are for under cabinet fittings and are available in


    White/Warm White


    6w, 8w, 10w, 16w, 20w, 25w, 30w


    T4 are not standard lengths according to the wattage.  Please check the length you require before ordering.  All are measured not including the pins.

  • T8 Linear Fluorescent Tube

    Available in


    Daylight/Cool White/White/Warm White

    Wattage and Length

    15w            18 in

    16w            29 in

    18w            2 ft

    30w            3 ft

    36w            4 ft

    38w            3ft 6in

    58w            5 ft

    70w            6ft